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November 2014

Branch Leader:
Ann Harris
The Cottage & Stable
Love Lane
Tel: 01691 622163

October 18th at the Autumn Fayre, Mothers' Union once again had a fantastic cake stall, manned by Kath and Phyllis, raising £102.50 for Church Funds. Well done, many thanks also to all our other Mothers' Union members who helped in making the Church Autumn fayre a success.

Afternoon Mothers' Union Group

October 20th we had another very interesting talk by Mr Rodney Upton on "The update of the Church Bells". Rodney showed a film of the bells being taken out of the Bell Tower manually by block and tackle hoists, the first time since 1799, restored, retuned and being returned to Church, an amazing project. A vote of thanks was given by Mrs Mavis Griffiths. Teas were served by Mrs Pam Edwards and Mrs Kath Meeks.

The next Mothers' Union meeting will be at the Town Hall, November 17th at 2:00pm, when our speaker will be Mrs Christine Howard with "Flower Arrangements on a Christmas Theme". December 8th will be our Christmas party held at the Black Lion 6:30pm for 7:00pm. For details please contact Mrs Connie Mason on 01948 780309.

Evening Mothers' Union Group (eMUs)

Unfortunately our October meeting had to be cancelled, but the next evening meeting will be on November 26th at 7.30pm in St. John's Room with a Mothers' Union film on Homes.

Yours with love,

Ann Harris