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Mothers' Union Programme 2016

The Mothers' Union Programme 2016, St Mary's Church, Ellesmere, Shropshire

January 18th 2.00pm Talk on the Kenyan Schools Project by Bill & Lyn Morris.
Teas: Mrs V. Thomson & Mrs S. Francis 
February 15th 2.00pm

AGM followed by a tribute to Mary Jones 'Our Rwanda link' by Ann Harris
Teas: Mrs M. Goulbourne & Mrs H. Grimes

March 4th Women's World Day of Prayer 7.30pm S. Mary's Church, Ellesmere

March 6th Mothering Sunday
March 21st 2.00pm Talk 'Does faith have a place in our schools in the 21' Century' by Ben Mayo
Teas: Mrs H. Wright & Mrs P. Dean
April 18th 2.00pm Talk 'Buckets of love' by AFIA
Teas: Mrs J. Richardson & Mrs C. Mason 
May 16th 2.00pm Talk 'More about the Saints' by Stan Parry
Teas: Mrs K. Meeks & Mrs P. Edwards
May 17th Deanery Festival at Welsh Frankton
June 20th Summer Outing
July 18th 2.00pm Talk 'Team Albania' by Emily Digby
Teas: Mrs T. Ireland & Mrs M. Goulbourne 
August 9th Celebration Service at Lichfield Cathedral
140 years of Mothers' Union 
September 19th MU Outing
October 17th 2.00pm Talk 'Who was S.Chad' by the Rev'd Simon Airey
Teas: Mrs K. Meeks & Mrs H. Wright
November 21st 2.00pm Talk on Prayer by the Rev'd Charles Ruxton
Teas: Mrs C. Mason & Mrs V. Thomson 
December 5th Christmas Meal