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December 2018

Branch Leader:
Ann Harris
The Cottage & Stable
Love Lane
Tel: 01691 622163

Donna Leigh
2 Magnolia Drive
Tel: 01691 624837


The Branch meeting, the last one of 2018 (how the time flies) was held on Monday November 19th, 2pm at the Town Hall. Mrs Mary Goulbourne was welcomed onto our committee along with Mrs Mavis Griffiths. The speaker was one of our own members

Barbara O'Donovan who spoke about "My trip of a lifetime". Barbara told us of her amazing time in Africa in a small village 95 miles from anywhere staying with the Catholic Priest who, along with others, helped to build a school, meeting house, houses etc. Barbara also showed a video of her trip from start to finish including wild animals, it all looked absolutely idyllic. Heather Wright and Joyce Feeney served delicious home made cakes and mince pies, plus tea and coffee

I carried our old more appropriate Mothers' Union banner at the 100th Anniversary Remembrance Service at Church, the old banner given in 1937 by Adelaide Mary Ashton, had not been used since we had the new one in the late 1970s. Mothers should be recognised and remembered as they gave their sons for the Country.

Our final meeting is the Christmas Party on December 3rd at The Boathouse.

We have yet again had a very packed and enjoyable year. I would like to thank the Committee for all their hard work in making this happen and also thank the Reverend Phillip Edge for his support of the Mothers' Union.

I wish you all a very peaceful and blessed Christmas with lots of joy and look forward to seeing you at the many Christmas Services at Church, see the magazine for details

Yours with love,



Dec 3rd

Christmas Meal