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The bells are back!

The bells are backPhotograph courtesy of the Shropshire StarThe bells returned to Ellesmere on 24 March and with the help of Andrew and Patrick Gilman (and their tractor) we moved them up into the church. From there they have been hoisted back into the bell chamber and fixed in their positions in the bell frame.

Before this we completed the cleaning of the tower and the bell engineer fitted heavy metal plates into the bell frame so that the bearings have a secure, level base to sit on.

Over the weekend before the bells returned we had a very successful abseiling event when many people – including the vicar – went up to the ringing chamber and abseiled into the church, a drop of about 40 feet. Now the bells are back in place the trap door is closed so I am afraid there will be no more abseiling!

Although the bells are back in position there is still a lot of work to fit the rest of the equipment, wheels, sliders, pulleys  - the set up is quite  complicated and all the parts must all be accurately placed for the bells to ring properly. We expect all this to be completed so that we shall be able to ring at Easter.

We are looking forward to having our bells back and are eagerly waiting to hear them now that they have been tuned.

Peter Leigh
on behalf of the Bell Ringers