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The Bells rang out for Easter Day!!!

We are delighted that we have the bells back in the tower and working and that we rang them on Easter morning

The installation and adjustment of the bells took place between 7 and 11 April, not without a few little problems as each of the bell installations had to be tailored to fit their ancient wooden frame. We had brackets the wrong shape and bolts that were too short but by the end of the week all of the minor snags had been sorted. We had a test ringing of all 8 of the bells on Friday 11 April at about 6.00pm and were very pleased with both the sound and the feel of the bells. We rang the bells for the 10.15 Palm Sunday service.

The clock strike is also back – but now it is done by an electrical striker and the time is accurate as it is controlled by a satellite timing system.
Likewise the sanctus bell is now rung by an electrical striker and is operated by a small remote control unit from in the church – no more heaving on a rope in the corner by the pulpit.

The tower captain, Terry Davies, and all of the ringers can now return to their weekly routine of practice nights on Fridays and ringing for  Sunday morning services and weddings. We are very pleased with the improved sound of the bells and hope that you will all enjoy them too.

Peter Leigh
on behalf of the Tower Captain and all of the bell-ringers