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News From The Bells

The bells are now working well and sound so much better than before!!

On Saturday 11 October a team of ringers from the Shropshire Association of Church Bell Ringers rang a quarter peal of Stedman Triples. This was the first time a quarter peal had been successfully rung on the bells since they were retuned, refurbished and returned to the tower at Easter. The quarter peal consists of 1260 changes during which the order in which the 8 bells sound is never repeated. It took 47 minutes to complete.

The quarter peal was rung as a tribute to the fallen of the First World War, especially to those 68 men of Ellesmere and district who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Using some of the old equipment from the bells that was removed before they went for refurbishment, we have created an exhibit to serve as a reminder of the Bell Project. We have taken the wheel and headstock from the treble bell, clappers from the treble and second bells, and two of the old ropes and created a display. On lecterns at either side we have compiled a record of the project from the initial fund raising though all the work of removing and replacing the bells to the blessing of the bells after they were re-installed. We also display all the press cuttings which followed our progress though the Project. It is on display at the back of the church - please have a look at it.

We held another successful open tower afternoon during the Ellesmere Festival. Although the weather was not too good and the views from the top of the tower were limited, about 80 people enjoyed the tours and found out about the work that had been done. With the simulator system allowing us to ring the bells without making a noise outside and CCTV giving a view of the bells from the ringing chamber we now have a much more informative presentation for visitors. The Sunday evening youth group had a tour of the tower on 19 October. We will be holding more open tower afternoons next year.

We can usually muster 8 ringers on Sunday mornings so that we can do justice to the bells and we have friends from other towers who join us for our Friday evening practices. However we always need more ringers and are pleased to welcome new-comers. So if you have rung before and would like to come back to it or if you have never rung but would like to give it a try, don't be shy, get in touch, we will be delighted to see you.

(Following on from last month's magazine - our bells do not have names but they do have inscriptions on them - find out about them on a tower visit!)

Peter Leigh
for the Tower Captain and Bell Ringers