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Bellringing at Saint Mary's Parish Church, Ellesmere

I thought that those readers of the Church magazine who were unable to attend the Annual Church Meetin, recently might be interested in reading my short report as Tower Captain:

After a break from November 2013 to April 2014, with no bells to ring at Ellesmere, we rang on the restored bells for Palm Sunday in 2014.

People in Ellesmere have made favourable comments on the retuned bells, although a number of people have commented on the sound of the bells being quieter. The restoration work should ensure the bells and associated equipment are fit for purpose for probably the next hundred years. Without a substantial grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, it is unlikely that the money would have been available from other sources.

Special recognition should be made to the work done by the joint project leaders - Mr. Peter Leigh and Mr. Rodney Upton. Without their dedication and commitment, it is unlikely the work would have been started, never mind completed within the budget and within the anticipated timescale.

We were also fortunate to have an excellent team of volunteers to help in the work and reduce the cost. All the volunteers were bellringers or former bellringers who freely gave of their time and talent in a worthy project.

Regarding bellringing at Saint Mary's - we continue to have a dedicated band of ringers, who turn up regularly on a Friday night practice and for Sunday morning service ringing. Special mention should be made of our two new ringers - Kate and Jackie - both of whom have become essential members of our band and continue to make good progress.

I like to think that the sound of the bells is part of the contribution that the Church of England makes to what means to the 'British' way of life, and more importantly, proclaims to all who listen that Christianity and this Church continue to exist, and will hopefully, continue to exist for the foreseeable future. Certainly the bells will be still in the Tower in 100 years time, with hopefully bellringers to ring them and a congregation and community to listen!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article - Terry Davies.