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Tower Captain's Report to the 2017 Annual Church Meeting

During the last year we have rung for all of the 110.15 a.m. services, also special services, the occasional wedding and the occasional funeral.

Most Sundays we manage to use the full ring of 8 bells — sounds much better than a ring of 6. Eight bells somehow seem complete, which I suppose it is being a complete octave — on our case, being in the key of "E" Flat.

The bells have also been rung by a number of visiting bellringers, who have made favourable comments on the sound of the bells, which were tuned at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London. It should be remembered that the bell founders in the 18th and 19th Century, when our bells were cast, did not have the facility of modern tuning equipment, and the tuning of bells was much less of an exact science than it is today.

The sound of the church bells on a Sunday morning helps to remind the community of Ellesmere that this church continues to exist, and is also a reminder that a service is soon to start.

Based on comments made to me on a regular basis by a number of the people in Ellesmere, the sound of the church bells is enjoyed and the fact that the bells are rung on a regular basis by a team of volunteers is appreciated.

I would like to mention that in 2016, I completed 60 years as a bellringer at Ellesmere and 4O years as Tower Captain. I owe a debt of gratitude to the previous Tower Captain, Mr Arnold Whitehead for his excellent example of dedication and commitment to the post.

Terry Davies, Tower Captain