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Mrs. Kathryn (Kate) Sampson

A member of our team passed away recently - Mrs. Kathryn (Kate) Sampson of Dudleston Heath. As a mark of respect, Ellesmere bellringers, and other bellringers who knew Kate, rang Saint Mary's eight bells prior to the funeral service on Thursday, 31st August 2017.

Kate had been a member of our team for around four years, and became a valued and essential member. I find it difficult to accept that on a Friday nqht and Sunday morning, the door to the ringing room will no longer open for Kate to join us for ringing, which she did until fairly recently.

For any voluntary organisation to function we, the people involved need to be friends, friends who share a common interest, and friends who share a mutual respect and belief that what they are doing is important and appreciated. In our case, the ringing of the church bell for the 10:15am Sunday morning service, which I like to think is an integral part of church life in Ellesmere, and is recognised as such by the church members and the wider community.

We miss you Kate and we were fortunate to have you both as a member of our team and, more importantly as a friend.