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Tower Captain's Report to the 2018 Annual Church Meeting

Held on Tuesday 10th April 2018 in St. Johns Room

During 2017 the Ellesmere bellringers rang for all but one of the 10.15 Sunday morning Services. The one we missed was due to snow.

We are fortunate at Ellesmere to have 9 bellringers (myself, Elizabeth, Peter, Jackie, Ray, Simon, Ian, Robin and Daniella). Daniella came originally from Germany, where church bells are not rung for full circle ringing, as in the UK and she is enjoying the experience.

I like to think that the ringing of church bells for the Sunday morning service is an important part of our church life, and helps to remind the community of Ellesmere that this church continues to exist and service is about to start, and just as important, there are still people around with a Christian belief and that belief applies to all of our bellringers.

It is thought that a few hundred years ago, the ringing of church bells, ideally as many as the tower could cope with, deterred evil spirits from the town or village. I like to think that for the last three hundred years, the Ellesmere bellringers have done a pretty good job!

Terry Davies, Tower Captain