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The Bells of St Mary's - February 2020

The quarter peal tribute to Eglantyne Jebb and Save the Children was successfully rung on 17th December. Our thanks to the band, mainly from Oswestry, who rang it. We rang on Christmas Eve for the Midnight service and again on Christmas morning, with our full band on both occasions.

February sees the induction of our new vicar, Canon Pat Hawkins. The induction service is on Tuesday 11th February at 7pm. Some ringers from Lichfield Cathedral are coming to the service and they will join us to ring before that service.

On the following Saturday, 15th February, we are celebrating the arrival of the new vicar by ringing a full peal. The peal will start at 3.30pm on the Saturday afternoon and take about 3 hours to complete. The band will ring a peal of Grandsire Triples. On 4th February 1730 a band of Ellesmere Ringers rang a peal of Grandsire Triples, the same method that we will ring this month. It was one of the first peals ever rung in the country and it is fascinating that 290 years later we are still doing the same thing. If those ringers could join us today they would be completely at home with us.

Our beginners are still making good progress. Learning to ring takes a while and I apologise if some of the noises coming from the bells on a Friday evening practice is a little discordant. They are learning fast and it will get better.

Peter Leigh, Tower Captain