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Final News From the Bell Project

Done and Dusted!!!

At last we have the bells back in place and the tower cleaned and redecorated. At last the ringers can relax and return to ringing the bells instead of spending all their time cleaning, painting, bolting and hammering.
The ceiling in the ringing chamber has been refurbished and the rope hand-rail on the stairs has been installed. These were the final tasks of the project.

To celebrate the (very successful) end of the project we are going to hold another Tower Open Day so that you can come and see what we have achieved. The tower captain, Terry Davies, and all of the ringers would therefore like to invite you to visit the Tower on Saturday 19 July between 2pm and 5 pm. See the details in the advert in the magazine. Ann Harris and her team of helpers will provide teas in the church during the afternoon.

Before the open day we have asked the vicar to hold a short service in the ringing chamber for the ringers, to bless the bells and to mark the end of the project.

By now I hope you will have heard the bells and noticed the improvement in their sound - they are now much more in tune, a musical octave, and much sweeter in tone.

Closely connected with the project, but not part of it, we have installed a new flag-pole on the tower. The old one, a very heavy wooden pole, was rotten at the top and the pulley broke on Christmas morning. We have now replaced it with a glass fibre pole of the same height, with a golden ball on the top! The flag has been flown for Ascension Day, Pentecost and in future will be flown for important days in the calendar of the church and the town.


Peter Leigh
on behalf of the Tower Captain and all of the Bell Ringers

St Mary's Church Tower Open

The Bells are back

Now is your chance to find out what has been done to the bells and the tower over the past year.

Saturday 19 July

Tours start between 2.00pm to 4.30pm - free of charge

Come and see what a difference the refurbishment project has made to the bells and the tower. Then enjoy the view from the top of the church tower. ( Don't forget the camera!)

Teas and cakes will be served in the church throughout the afternoon

Meet outside the tower door, south side of the church.

(Please wear sensible shoes, no large bags, no dogs)

We regret that we are not allowed to take children under 8 or adults over 80 up the tower

The Bells rang out for Easter Day!!!

We are delighted that we have the bells back in the tower and working and that we rang them on Easter morning

The installation and adjustment of the bells took place between 7 and 11 April, not without a few little problems as each of the bell installations had to be tailored to fit their ancient wooden frame. We had brackets the wrong shape and bolts that were too short but by the end of the week all of the minor snags had been sorted. We had a test ringing of all 8 of the bells on Friday 11 April at about 6.00pm and were very pleased with both the sound and the feel of the bells. We rang the bells for the 10.15 Palm Sunday service.

The clock strike is also back – but now it is done by an electrical striker and the time is accurate as it is controlled by a satellite timing system.
Likewise the sanctus bell is now rung by an electrical striker and is operated by a small remote control unit from in the church – no more heaving on a rope in the corner by the pulpit.

The tower captain, Terry Davies, and all of the ringers can now return to their weekly routine of practice nights on Fridays and ringing for  Sunday morning services and weddings. We are very pleased with the improved sound of the bells and hope that you will all enjoy them too.

Peter Leigh
on behalf of the Tower Captain and all of the bell-ringers

Tower Captains Report - Annual Church Meeting, Tuesday 8th April 2014

I thought it might be perhaps interesting and informative for readers of the Church Magazine to have the opportunity to read my report to the Annual Church meeting:

As in 2012, we have rung for all of the Sunday morning 10.15am services and several weddings and we also rang half-muffled for the funeral of Mrs Estelle Gilbert, the mother of two of our former bellringers (Stephen and Robin Gilbert).

Our Friday night practice is usually well-attended with our own ringers and regular visitors from Baschurch (Paul and Edwina) and Whitchurch (Malcolm and Ann)

It is essential to have a friendly bell tower, where newcomers are welcomed, where every member of the team is given respect and worth for who they  are - for without this considerate attitude, any band is unlikely to continue other than in the short term.

Why are Church bells rung for a Sunday Service ? It is to call people to worship and to remind people, if any reminder was needed that God exists.  The sound of its bells may be the only message a church gives to many of its parishioners.  The service a ringer gives to his or her church can be demanding on time and commitment but can be equally rewarding because of the reason for the bells being rung and for the part bells make to the life of the church.

I have been Tower Captain and Saint Mary’s since Mr Arnold Whitehead retired in 1976. I like to think I have done the best I could to ensure that the bells continued to ring on a regular basis.

There are other activities I could have done, especially on Friday night, but I considered it important as Tower Captain to show dedication and commitment by attending practices regularly. I like to think my record is something of which I can be proud and I like to think that I continued the good example of a Tower Captain set by Mr  Whitehead over a period of 32 years (1944 to 1976).

I am also proud of the fact that since 1976 apart from the cost of lighting and heating in the tower, there has not been a cost on this church for the bells. All minor maintenance costs and replacement of ropes have been paid for by fund raising by the bell ringers and generous donations from the people of Ellesmere (mainly parishioners).

We are fortunate that we continue to have at this church a very dedicated team of bellringers. I hope that ringing Saint Mary’s may continue for a long time - certainly into the foreseeable future.

The restoration of the bells and associated equipment will help to make that aid easier to achieve by making the bells easier to ring and hopefully it will leave a lasting legacy of which we can all be proud.

I thank Peter Leigh and Rodney Upton for taking the lead in this important project.  An important and significant contribution was also made by other bellringers - Ray Purcell, Nick Easthop and myself from Ellesmere, Peter Woollham from Oswestry, Alan Glover from Shrewsbury and finally Greg          Davies (a former bellringer and my nephew) from Penley.

Terry Davies, Tower Captain

The bells are back!

The bells are backPhotograph courtesy of the Shropshire StarThe bells returned to Ellesmere on 24 March and with the help of Andrew and Patrick Gilman (and their tractor) we moved them up into the church. From there they have been hoisted back into the bell chamber and fixed in their positions in the bell frame.

Before this we completed the cleaning of the tower and the bell engineer fitted heavy metal plates into the bell frame so that the bearings have a secure, level base to sit on.

Over the weekend before the bells returned we had a very successful abseiling event when many people – including the vicar – went up to the ringing chamber and abseiled into the church, a drop of about 40 feet. Now the bells are back in place the trap door is closed so I am afraid there will be no more abseiling!

Although the bells are back in position there is still a lot of work to fit the rest of the equipment, wheels, sliders, pulleys  - the set up is quite  complicated and all the parts must all be accurately placed for the bells to ring properly. We expect all this to be completed so that we shall be able to ring at Easter.

We are looking forward to having our bells back and are eagerly waiting to hear them now that they have been tuned.

Peter Leigh
on behalf of the Bell Ringers