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Pet Service

We held our third Annual Pet Service on October 18th, combined with a Baptism. I enjoyed the service and hope everyone felt the same. It was rewarding to see so many in our lovely Church, especially the children of the Baptismal Family and their friends - one big family. We had a good many pets, mainly dogs who were very well behaved, only the occasional 'woof' to remind us of their presence and also one lovely cat who was equally good, especially being to close to those dogs!

Our Sunday School children recited the Intercessions which were thoughtfully read out giving their own ideas of loving and caring for their pets and animals in general.

Philip, our Vicar, gave the Sermon reminding us of the work with Animals and People of St. Francis.

I hope that we can continue next year with another Pet Service.

Thank you to everyone who made the Service memorable.

Connie Mason.