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S. Mary's Church News April 2017

The Fundraising Team organised another excellent evening at the Town Hall on Friday 3rd March with our annual Hot Pot Supper and Quiz. Read more...

Please support Bishop Michael's 2017 Lent Appeal by coming to our seven Friday Soup Lunches (3rd March to 14th April: 12.30 - 1.30) throughout Lent. Enjoy a variety of high-quality soups in S. John's Room expertly prepared by our skilled soup-makers, and contribute to the Appeal. Please attend as many lunches as possible so that we can again send our customary £1000.

Bishop Michael writes: "It is a great honour to select and promote my first Bishop's Lent Appeal in Lichfield Diocese. As I've learned about past Lent Appeals, I have become so aware that they are the result of thousands of people in parishes across the Diocese working together to contribute positively to the good of Christian and non-Christian, near and far away. And so I appeal to you again this year to open your hearts and wallets in generosity as we focus on the needs of refugees and asylum seekers; strangers, aliens and even angels maybe; certainly all people made in the image of God."

200 CLUB
Next years subscriptions are now due. Thank you to everyone who subscribes to our 200 Club which is an important part of our fundraising activities annually. It has become somewhat challenging for our subscription collection team to get around everyone and the PCC has agreed that from March 2017 next years subscriptions can be made by Standing Order. We will be letting everyone who was a member of the Club last year have a Standing Order form which we would be grateful for them to complete and give to their bank by the end of March 2017. There will be some members who still want to pay in cash and we will do our best to get round to collect those payments in the next few weeks. Please let Jeremy, Anne Edwards or anyone who is a regular church attendee know if you can help with any cash subscription collections.
We still have a few spare tickets available if you would like any more or know someone who would like to join. Any queries please contact Jeremy Stretton on phone number 01691 624772. Thanks for your support.