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Churchyard Update

I am pleased to report that the contractors have cut the grass in the churchyard. They have visited twice during the month. They have made a good job of cutting the grass, trimming the edges and cleaning the grass cuttings from the paths. Their lack of activity over the summer was due to a misunderstanding about the contract. Now that is resolved we hope that they will continue to give us the high standard of service that we have seen this month. The churchyard is now looking tidy and well cared for.

We have been informed that we have been awarded a Bronze certificate for the churchyard in the Lichfield Diocese churchyard competition. This is rather disappointing but I feel that, however much effort we put in, our churchyard will never be a highly manicured, pretty area like many of the smaller churchyards that achieve gold awards. Despite this we intend to maintain and improve the churchyard, keeping it as tidy as possible and improving it especially in the wild life areas.

- Peter Leigh


The rule of thumb seems to be that the harder one works on a task the easier it looks to someone else. I took it as a compliment when someone told me he thought my garden "more or less did itself".

Those of us who 'potter' in our gardens know it doesn't quite work like that so THANK YOU, Peter, Mark, Jeremy and Rodney for the amazing job you are doing in the churchyard, for your hard work that has made it such a special place for all of us. It is now a joy to visit, tidy, wildlife friendly, quiet, interesting and peaceful. Do come and see it, and lend a hand if you can, it is such a worthwhile task, and it really won't do itself!

- Meg Wilkes