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Dementia Friendly Churches update

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As you may know, St Mary’s Parish Church, Ellesmere is a recognised Dementia Friendly Church. That means that we have been accepted as having a meaningful programme of increasing awareness of what it means to be living with dementia and how we can all help to dispel any stigma surrounding the diseases/conditions.

Our Mission Action Plan carries a number of action points that we are working through together on the PCC. As we are in interregnum at the moment we are waiting for our new vicar, Rev'd Pat to take up her much anticipated post before stepping up our Dementia Friendly Churches activities. Some items such as improving the signage inside church for the toilet, exits and kitchen for example have been recom-mended and will be taken forward.

In the meantime we are inviting anyone in Ellesmere and the sur-rounding area to become a Dementia Friend if you are not already.

‘Dementia Friends’ - what does it mean?

Across the UK there are now 3 million ‘Dementia Friends’, that is one person in every 20 . ‘Dementia Friends’ is a social initiative driven by the Alzheimer’s Society inviting anyone and everyone to have a better understanding of what it means for people living with dementia, their family, friends and carers and wider society. Dementia Friends are able to use their increased awareness to help in practical terms on a daily basis even simply for people we may meet in the street. You can become a Dementia Friend by coming along to one of our awareness events.

How do I become a Dementia Friend?

There are a number of Dementia Friends awareness sessions coming up in January/February/March 2020, initially at Our Space (the library) in Trimpley Street. At these relatively informal events a local Dementia Champion trained by the Alzheimer’s Society will lead you through an overview of the types of dementia and provide some simple tools to help those in need.

Each session lasts for 45-60 minutes and is participative with a couple of simple helpful illustrations, ideally for 10-15 people.

Events will be advertised at OurSpace but if you would like to come along to a session and haven’t yet seen an advertisement just phone or email me (details below).

If you are involved in a local group/school/business and would like a session to be set up specifically for you and your friends/colleagues that can easily be arranged - just let me know and we can organise a date and venue.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful 2020.

Jeremy Stretton, St Mary’s Ellesmere Dementia Friendly Churches representative/ Dementia Friends Champion
Tel 01691 624772, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.