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January 2018

Branch Leader:
Ann Harris
The Cottage & Stable
Love Lane
Tel: 01691 622163

December 4th was our "Christmas Lunch" and was held at the Town Hall at 12.30pm. We were served Leek & Potato Soup, followed by a delicious turkey main meal and finished with lemon tart, raspberries and cream. The meal was followed by a Christmas Poetry Symposium organised by one of our Mothers' Union members, Mrs Mavis Griffiths. Members present all took part, each reading excerpts from Christmas Poems, starting with "Riding to Bethlehem" and concluding with the Vicar reading, three verses of "Christmas" by John Betjeman.

And is it true? And is it true,
This most tremendous tale of all,
Seen in a stained glass window's hue
A baby in an ox's stall?
The maker of the stars and sea
Become a child on earth for me?

And is it true? For if it is,
No loving fingers tying strings
Around those tissued fripperies,
The sweet and silly Christmas things,
Bath salts and inexpensive scent,
And hideous tie so kindly meant

No love that in a Family dwells
No carolling in frosty air,
Nor all the steeple shaking bells
Can with this single truth compare - 
That God was man in Palestine
And lives today in Bread and Wine

We had a lovely party. I would like to thank Connie Mason for organising the meal, along with help on the day from the Committee.

A big thank you to two of our Members Mrs Jo Garvin and her daughter Tanya who supplied a Christmas Tree decorated in Mothers' Union colours for the "Methodist Tree Festival" on the Weekend of December 8th and 9th, gallantly making their way through the heavy "wonderful and magical snow".

On Saturday 16th December Mothers' Union members helped by the Sunday School made 50 Christingles for our Sunday Service.

It is a great privilege to be a member of Mothers' Union and all the work they do throughout the world. I would like to thank all of our loyal members for their support and love throughout 2017 and especially the dedicated Committee we have and all the loyal support they give to me. I would also like to thank the Vicar Reverend Philip Edge for all his support throughout the year to Mothers' Union.

In 2018 we now have a new and exciting programme, thank to Mrs Heather Wright for her hard work in organising this. Our first meeting of the year is on January 15th, 2pm at the Town Hall when the Reverend Paul Barrow and Michael Winwood will speak on the work of the Prison Fellowship "The Truth Shall Make You Free". We would be delighted for anyone who would like to join us. Have a word with me or just come along to our meetings.

I wish everyone a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Yours with love,



Mothers' Union Programme 2018

The Mothers' Union Programme 2018, St Mary's Church, Ellesmere, Shropshire

January 15th 2.00pm

Talk: 'The Truth shall make you free' - the work of the Prison Fellowship. The Rev'd Paul Barrow and Michael Winwood.
Teas: Mrs B. O'Donnell & Mrs M.Goulbourne

February 11th 2.40-3.00pm

Wave of prayer. 9.00-9.20am S. John's Room

February 19th 2.00pm

AGM followed by 'The work of the World Wide MU'. Gill Leah
Teas: Mrs V. Thomson & Mrs J. Wadhams

March 2nd

Women's World Day of Prayer
7.30pm The Methodist Church

March 11th

Mothering Sunday

March 19th 2.00pm

Talk: 'The Work of the Blood Bikers'
Teas: Mrs P. Dean & Mrs J. Williams

April 16th 2.00pm

Talk: 'Hope House, our children and their families' Lyndsey Kilvert
Teas: Mrs C. Mason & Mrs S. Francis

May 5th

Coffee Morning 10.00-12.00 at The Town Hall

May 15th

Deanery Festival at S. Mary's Ellesmere at 2.30pm

May 21st 2.00pm

Talk: 'I do like to be beside the seaside' by The Rev'd Jane Stephenson
Teas: Mrs J. Richardson & Mrs E. Lloyd

June 18th

Summer Outing

July 16th

Talk: Details TBC
Teas: Mrs K. Meeks & Mrs D. Leigh

September 17th

MU Outing

October 15th 2.00pm

Talk: 'What God has dropped to me!' The Rev'd David Crowhurst
Teas: Mrs T. Ireland & Mrs M. Williams

November 19th 2.00pm

Talk: 'My Trip of a Lifetime' Barbara O'Donnell
Teas: Mrs J. Feeney & Mrs H. Wright

December 3rd

Christmas Meal

November 2017

Branch Leader:
Ann Harris
The Cottage & Stable
Love Lane
Tel: 01691 622163

October 16th Mothers' Union was held in the Town Hall, 2pm. Our speaker was the Vicar, Rev Philip Edge who gave an interesting and meaningful talk on Prayer & Praying.

Teas and homemade cakes were served by Mrs Heather Wright and Mrs Joan Williams. Our next meeting will be on November 20th, 2pm at the Town Hall with a talk "To dream the impossible dream—my life long journey in aviation" by Nigel Francis-McGann.

December 4th will be our Christmas Lunch to be held at the Town Hall 12.30pm for 1 pm followed by a symposium of Christmas Poems organised by Mrs Mavis Griffiths with Mothers' Union members taking part. Cost will be £16.50, tickets available from Mrs Connie Mason on 01948 780309

Yours with love,



December 2017

Branch Leader:
Ann Harris
The Cottage & Stable
Love Lane
Tel: 01691 622163

Our meeting was held at the Town Hall, 2pm November 20th the Vicar Rev. Philip Edge led the prayers.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, our speaker was unable to attend, instead we had "Afternoon Tea" and I brought several of our old scrap books which we were able to reminisce about Mothers' Union and all the happy times and events we had.

Teas were served by Mrs Mary Goulbourne and Mrs Joyce Richardson with delicious cakes made by Mrs Kath Meeks and Mrs Joyce Feeney.

Sadly one of our very dear members Mrs Grace Tudor has passed away and will be much missed by us all.

The next event will be our Christmas Party and Poetry Symposium to be held at the Town Hall on December 4th 12.30pm for 1pm.

2017 has been a very happy and successful year for Mothers' Union, I would like to thank our committee for all the hard work they have done to make this happen. Thank you, all our loyal members for all your love and support also to Rev. Philip Edge for his help to support and promote Mothers' Union.

I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year and look forward to our new exciting prograsmme for 2018.

Yours with love,



October 2017

Branch Leader:
Ann Harris
The Cottage & Stable
Love Lane
Tel: 01691 622163

September 13th, Wednesday afternoon 14 of our Mothers' Union members visited the beautiful "Church of St. John "at Pool Quay. Pool Quay Mothers' Union members made us very welcome to their afternoon meeting at 2.30pm. The speaker was Fr. George Hodkinson (retired Vicar) who gave a most inspirational and moving talk about his life story and how he came into the Ministry.

We were then served afternoon tea in the Church, by the Pool Quay Mothers' Union members.

The beautiful Church of St. John, at Pool Quay

September 18th was our outing to Llandudno, unfortunately I could not go but I am sure that everyone had a "lovely day at the seaside".

Thank you to Connie for arranging both outings.

Our next meeting will be on October 17th, with a talk by our Vicar the Rev. Philip Edge at 2pm at the Town Hall.

Yours with love,