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October 2012

The Ellesmere Branch of the Mothers' Union visited a Church at Brewood, near to Tongue on September 17th. I thought you may like to read the following, which is the address given by Mrs Val Rushton, their Branch leader.

"I Welcome you all here, St. Marys and St. Chads Church. I hope our visitors have had a good lunch, thank you for choosing us to visit and I am sure we will have a good afternoon together.

Friendship Theme

It's so good to see members of the Mothers' Union from Ellesmere. We can all join together like a big family. Families are not all smiles and hugs like the adverts on TV. We are normal people with normal lives. Families are real like us, with problems, with heartaches, with humour and sadness. There is much joy in being a member of a family, our own family, our Church family and our Mothers' Union family. We always support our own family whatever the problem, we stand by our family and we stand by our friends.

Friendship and fellowship is what I would like us to take on board this afternoon. I looked the word 'friend' up in the Dictionary "A person whom one knows, likes and trusts" and the word 'fellowship' - "the condition of being together or of sharing similar interests or experiences, as do members of a profession, religion, comradeship".

With all those attributes we are very lucky to have friends. Don't take them for granted but cherish them. They are the ones who phone you up just to chat, ask you if you are O.K., and mean it. Thev are the people who make your world meaningful.

There are people both young and old all over the world including this country who have no friends. There are people living in countries at war. Sometimes, because of the political situation they are frightened to make friends, they trust no one. Isn't that a terrible state to live in or because they are disfigured, some cultures cast out the people like this, or in a foreign country and cannot speak the language. Even a little orphan who we presume is being looked after, needs a friend, a granny, someone to trust, someone to cuddle up to and talk to. I would like you think of them all, the friends, the lost and the lonely, as we say the following prayers.

Would you answer each prayer with 'Lord hear our prayer'

Lord help us to understand the loneliness that is caused by bereavement,
Help us to be there for friends and family who have suffered.
Be with us to help us hold out our hands and hearts in friendship,
Let us realise the love we receive in this church
Let us realise the friends we have made and will continue to make within our parishes.
Please let us accept the hand of friendship without suspicion
Please Lord help us to hold out our hand in friendship, to be taken by someone who needs a friend
And to always remember
It is good to receive but even better to give
Lord help us in our endeavour


Connie Mason

June 2012

Corporate Communion Sunday, 3rd June at 10.15 am

There was a lovely, friendly atmosphere at our Coffee Morning on 28 April.  We raised approximately £450, which will enable us to make generous donations to MU charities, as well as covering our expenses.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this magnificent result.

Afternoon MU Group

At the May meeting Robert Green gave a talk, illustrated with slides, about the history of the Speaking Paper.  This interesting talk was well received and Mr Green answered several questions put to him by members.

As you will know from the programme, our meeting on 18 June will take the form of a lunch.  We will be meeting earlier than usual at 12.30 pm at the Town Hall.  There is no charge for the lunch but it is open to members only.

Ellesmere eMU's

At the May Estelle Parker gave the third instalment of her fascinating talk on the history of St Mary’s Church.  Unfortunately, several members were unable to be at the meeting, so Estelle has offered to repeat this part of her talk at a later date.

The next evening meeting will be on the 21 June at 7.30 pm in St John’s Room, when we will be having a speaker from Save the Family.

Yours in love and fellowship.


April 2012

Corporate Communion Sunday, 1st April at 10.15 am

Several members attended the Women's World Day of Prayer service at the Methodist Church on 2 March. I'm sure those who attended would agree that this was an enjoyable service.

Over 100 posies were made for Mothering Sunday. This was only possible through the generosity of people contributing flowers and greenery and the help given by members in making these.

The Town Hall has been booked for Saturday 28 April for our Coffee Morning. Please put this date in your diary as this is our main fund-raising event of the year.

Afternoon MU Group

At the March meeting it was good to be able to welcome members from Wem, Welsh Frankton and Gobowen Mothers' Union Branches. The speaker was Sue Egerton who gave a talk on the MU Beacon and Marketing. Sue then led us in an exercise on marketing, which was not only useful and interesting, but also gave us an opportunity to work with members from the other branches.

The next afternoon meeting will be on 16 April at 2.00 pm in the Town Hall when Muriel Rayner will be giving a talk about her work in India as part of Voluntary Service Overseas.

Ellesmere eMU's

At the March Meeting Revd Simon Airey gave a talk on Story-telling in Ministry. Simon displayed his talent for story-telling in 3 stories which were all thought-provoking. I found the story Simon told based on a Bible passage particularly moving - it really brought the story to life in a new way.

The next evening meeting will be on the 19 April at 7.30 pm in St John's Room when we have a change to our published programme. Muriel Rayner is no longer able to join us and Wendy Scott has kindly agreed to step into the breach. Wendy has recently done 2 short periods of missionary one work - one in Uganda and one in Siberia - and will be giving a talk about this.

Yours in love and fellowship.


May 2012

Corporate Communion Sunday, 6th May at 10.15 am

The Deanery Festival this year will be at Welshampton church on Wednesday 16 May at 7.30 pm. This is always an enjoyable occasion and an opportunity to get together with members from other MU Branches. I would encourage everyone to attend if at all possible.

Afternoon MU Group

At the April meeting Muriel Rayner gave an illustrated talk about her work in India as part of Voluntary Service Overseas. Muriel went to India under the auspices of the Trefoil Guild. Unfortunately, I was unable to be at this meeting because of a hospital appointment, but I understand Muriel's talk was both fascinating and enjoyable.

The next afternoon meeting will be on 21 May at 2.00 pm in the Town Hall when Robert Green will be giving a talk, illustrated with slides, about the history of the Speaking Paper

Ellesmere eMU's

At the April Meeting Wendy Scott gave a talk about her 2 recent short periods of missionary work in Uganda and Siberia. Wendy showed pictures and answered questions about these 2 very different experiences. It was inspiring to hear about the work being done in a Christian-run orphanage in Uganda and also to learn about work with children and young people over the New Year period in Siberia. In addition, Wendy had just come back from a visit to Egypt where she met Christian groups and was able to learn first-hand of their worries for their future in the changing political circumstances there. The courage of our Christian brothers and sisters who have decided to remain in the country despite their fears of increased persecution is very humbling. I am sure all of us who heard Wendy's talk are very appreciative of her willingness to step into the breach when our published speaker was no longer able to join us.

The next evening meeting will be on the 10 May at 7.30 pm in St John's Room. This is one week earlier in the month than usual because of Ascension Day. Our speaker will be Estelle Parker who will be giving the 3rd instalment of her talk on the history of St Mary's Church.

Yours in love and fellowship.


February 2012

Corporate Communion Sunday, 5th February at 10.15 am

I would like to thank all members who have paid their Mothers' Union subscription for this year (£18), and would ask anyone who has not yet paid to pay these as soon as possible, please.

Afternoon MU Group

The speaker at the January meeting was Rodney Upton who gave a talk on the history of St Mary's bells. It was fascinating to learn about the history of bell making, about the unique nature of British bell-ringing and how the changes are rung.

The next afternoon meeting will be on 20 February at 2.00 pm in the Town Hall when Rob McBride will be giving a talk, illustrated by slides, on Shropshire's ancient trees.

Ellesmere eMU's

The speaker at the January meeting was Rosemary Walker, a Mothers' Union trustee and former Diocesan President, who gave an illustrated talk about the MU Family Life Programme. It was interesting to learn about the many practical ways in which MU improves the lives of people around the world.

The next meeting will be on the 16 February at 7.30 pm in St John's Room when Revd Rosie Bowers, MU Chaplain for Salop, will be leading a Bible Study related to Women's World Day of Prayer.

Yours in love and fellowship.