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Views from the Vicarage - July/August 2018

Dear Friends,

I am very grateful to all who took part in the 'Cherish you Church Yard week' in June. Our Church and churchyard were open to visitors 11th-16th June and many came. As well as the church being open, teas were served by a few dedicated people to many visitors, and there were a number of talks which were well attended.

The Church Tower was open on the Saturday and over a hundred people went up to see the wonderful views. My thanks to Ann Harris who arranged this week and Peter Leigh and the others who worked so hard on the churchyard and opened the Tower. Also to Mark Spurdens who organised the poetry competition as well as working hard pruning the trees. See the results in the Church magazine. Peter Leigh is also taking over as Tower Captain from Terry Davies who served for over forty years. There is always need for more bell ringers so do come on a Friday night practice if you are interested.

Moving on, we have a Pet Service as part of our 10:15am Sunday Service on 8 July. Do bring your pet, whatever it is, to church for a blessing. A vet will be on hand if needed! Perhaps we do not appreciate what company and companionship our loyal and loving pets give us.

The Diocese says farewell to The Right Rev'd Mark Rylands this month as he and his wife move back to Exeter and nearer to their family. We wish them well and thank him for his time as Bishop of Shrewsbury.

An important occasion in my life will be taking the Wedding of my daughter Stephanie on 14th July. She was just three when we came to Ellesmere and grew up here! I wish everyone well who is planning to get married.

Further in the future I am planning a Quiet Day of prayer on Saturday 8th September 9am-1pm. I hope to talk about various styles and ways of prayer from Benedictine to Franciscan to Vincent de Paul and Taize. Look out for more details later.

There are a number of baptisms booked for the future. Being baptised is being made a Christian and parents and God-parents promise to bring up their child as a Christian. But this process of being received into the church is only completed when that child confirms for his or herself their belief in God. This is done from the age of ten onwards when the Bishop lays hands and Confirms that person after a short course of instruction. For thse who would wish it, I will be starting a Confirmation Course in September ready for the Bishop of Lichfield who is coming to our church on Sunday 25th November 6.30pm Confirmation and Communion. Do let me know if you are interested.

My Prayers and best wishes,

Fr. Philip Edge - Vicar