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Hello from Ellesmere’s new vicar, Revd Pat Hawkins.

Hello from Ellesmere’s new vicar, Revd Pat Hawkins.

I am delighted to have this opportunity to introduce myself. I look forward very much to coming to be the new vicar of Ellesmere and to settling into the parish over the next few months. But I thought that in the meantime you might like to know a little bit about me.

I am Leicester born and bred and although I no longer have a personal link with the city, I remain an enthusiastic supporter of the football team. I studied history at University, and have always kept my interest in history alive. After training as a social worker, I spent some time as an Anglican Franciscan sister, this was in the days before ordination as a priest in the Church of England was open to women. I was ordained in Lichfield Cathedral in 2001, and have worked in Lichfield Diocese ever since, first as a curate in Stafford and then for ten years as a parish priest in Wolverhampton. I have been a canon at the Cathedral for the past five years, and although I have enjoyed the role, I have missed being involved with a local community and congregation. I am excited at the prospect of getting to know you, and you me, as we worship and work together.

I am single, and fortunate to have close family ties with my sister, brother-in-law and my two nieces and a nephew, all grown up. My sister, Anne, and I are identical twins and she is also ordained, which has been known to cause confusion! Quite deliberately we have never worked in the same Diocese, she is now in Northampton, and we are quite different in many ways. I will share the vicarage with a small black and white cat, Theo, who is a partially sighted rescue. I will also bring my pair of well-trodden walking boots and will enjoy exploring the beautiful countryside around Ellesmere. This will be the first time that I have lived in Shropshire, but I have family history in the county, my paternal grandfather, whom sadly I never knew, was born in Shrewsbury and grew up in Grinshill.

The parish is very much in my prayers as you prepare for this new phase in the life of St. Mary’s. Please pray for me too as I come to join you.

With my prayers and very best wishes